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Edinboro University of Pennsylvania appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Educational Psychology Online.

The Edinboro University of Pennsylvania offers 14 online graduate degree programs and a few certificate programs that graduate students can also complete online. Some of the options for art majors include a Master of Arts in Art Education or a Master of Arts in Art Therapy. Both programs require that students do offline work in their own areas to gain experience using art to work with children and adults. The university offers online certificates in art therapy and art infusion.

One of the more popular programs for online graduate students is the university’s Master of Business Administration (MBA), which looks at the relationships between employers and employees. Instead of featuring the concentrations found in other MBA programs, it focuses on various aspects of business, including labor laws, human resources management, strategic planning, and compensation. Students in the communication studies online program can earn just their degrees or earn a certificate in conflict management at the same time. The conflict management program teaches students how to find successful resolutions to common problems.

Also available online is the university’s Master of Arts in Counseling program, which requires that students do practical fieldwork. That fieldwork prepares students for working with clients and helps them achieve the skills they will utilize with their future clients. Multiple certificates can go along with that program, including those in art therapy and autism spectrum disorders. An educational psychology program is available online too.

Many of the university’s online graduate programs are in the education field. The Edinboro University of Pennsylvania allows students to earn a Master of Education in Special Education or Teacher Leadership. Another program that includes fieldwork is the university’s Master of Social Work (MSW). This program prepares students for working as professional social workers in Pennsylvania too. Students can also earn a Master of Science or a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (MSN/DPN) from the university online.

About Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

The Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is a private university better known as Edinboro University or EU. Established in 1857 as Edinboro Academy, it opened after Scottish settlers in the area saw the need for a school that would train teachers. It was the first training academy of its type to open in the state and quickly saw future teachers from other states enrolling in its classes. Once it gained approval and began working with Pennsylvania, the academy became the State Normal School in Pennsylvania. It later became Edinboro State Normal School, Edinboro State Teachers College, Edinboro State College, and finally the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 1983.

The university still has a commitment to its Scottish roots, which is clear in the music program that it offers. This is one of the only programs in the nation that allows students to major in bagpipe music. Located just 20 minutes away from Erie, the EU campus lets students do internships and work for local companies. There are 10 residence halls on the campus for traditional students too.

To set itself apart from other colleges, the EU established a series of online degree and certificate programs over the years. There are more than 20 programs designed for graduate students and a doctoral program in nursing, all of which are available online. Online students can use the same financial aid that traditional students do and get access to the same resources also. EU retains a low ratio of students to professors in all of its programs.

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Accreditation Details

The programs that have accreditation at EU include those in dance, nursing, music, business, social work, and counseling. That accreditation comes from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) among other organizations. The regional accreditation held by Edinboro comes from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and lets the university accept transfer credits and provide financial aid packages.

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Application Requirements

EU requires that graduate students applying to an online program create an account first. They will need to use their full names and an email address when setting one up. Their accounts let them both apply for admissions and view the status of the application once the university makes a final decision. EU usually notifies students of its decision within one month, though the process can sometimes take longer. There is also an application fee of $30 that students can pay through the university’s website. Incoming grad students must have a bachelor’s degree and transcripts that show they completed a degree program at a college/university that has regional accreditation. EU will waive the transcript requirement for students who earned their undergraduate degrees from the university.

Each program can have other admissions requirements too. The counseling and art therapy programs ask that students have transcripts that show they took at least 12 credits of psychology courses, including Introduction to Psychology and Developmental Psychology. Students may also need to submit three letters of recommendation or reference letters. If the program asks for reference letters, it will allow students to provide the names and addresses of their references in lieu of supplying the actual letters. Other requirements may include a portfolio, interview, and writing sample.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Though Pennsylvania residents attending EU pay the same rate for online and traditional graduate classes, the university offers a discount for nonresidents who take online classes. This rate is $626 per credit hour for residents and $731 per credit hour for non-residents. These rates include the university’s set tuition rate and all the fees attached to its online programs. The MBA program charges a higher rate that ranges between $680 and $990 per credit hour. Students also pay higher rates in the university’s online nursing programs.

Prospective EU graduate students who need financial aid should begin with the FAFSA, which is what allows them to take out federal direct loans from the government. The government offers loans of up to $20,500 through its unsubsidized program and has a PLUS program that helps students cover any of their additional costs. Students can apply for some of the alternative loans offered by other lenders, though those loans do have higher interest rates. Online graduate students applying to the programs offered by Edinboro University of Pennsylvania may receive scholarships from the university too.