Five Fantastic Blogs for Criminal Justice Students

  • Early American Crime
  • CSI Blog
  • Crime Magazine
  • Psychology and Crime News
  • Neuroethics and Law Blog

The realm of criminal justice (CJ) is a widely varied one. From criminology to juvenile rehabilitation, a degree in criminal justice can lead to a tremendous array of career paths.

Criminal justice is constantly evolving, with new modes of thought and critique of the justice system working to impact and improve it. Resources for students and practicing professionals to use outside the classroom are critical to keeping abreast of that evolution. From podcasts and articles to social media channels, there are plenty of available sources for keeping abreast of the field. Here are five blogs for criminal justice students.

Early American Crime

For CJ students who are also history enthusiasts – or are intent on specializing in criminal history – the Early American Crime blog is an absolute must-read. A highly visual blog that explores everything from American’s oldest prisons to the history of opioid use, crime historian Anthony Vaver walks readers through everything from the history of crime in the period of American colonialism to what prisoners ate on a daily basis. Vaver is also the author of several books that may well serve as additional reading for the criminal history student.

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CSI Blog

A blog for those who savor tales of high crime and salaciousness in addition to seeking more information about the most notorious criminals both past and present, the National Museum of Crime and Punishment’s blog is required reading. Ranging from terrorists and murderers to some of the world’s most successful thieves and con artists, the Crime Museum’s blog offers up pertinent information on a vast range of perpetrators and crime categories.

Crime Magazine

A broad-ranging blog that covers forensics, social justice issues in criminal justice, hoaxes, and organized crime, the Crime Magazine offers up a large amount of information on criminal history, heists, kidnappings, and crimes of every known type and record. Authored by a great number of experts, the Crime Magazine addresses cold cases and in-progress investigations alike – including celebrity crime perpetrators and victims.

Psychology and Crime News

Especially useful for criminal justice students intent on entering the field of forensic psychology, the Psychology and Crime News blog compiles links from Twitter and other platforms relating to crime and forensic psychology. While the blog has not been updated in awhile, it’s still a fantastic resource for those interested in the more recent history of crime and forensics as well as a link list for external blogs, news sites, and social media accounts.

Neuroethics and Law Blog

Dedicated to the crossover between criminal justice and neurological function, this blog presents a wealth of information on the ethics and best practices around cognition and brain function as related to crime perpetrators and victims. Especially useful for students planning on entering the field of criminal psychology or rehabilitation, the blog is updated regularly by a large body of expert contributors to the field.

Each of these excellent resources represents a different path and approach to criminal justice and can serve as both fine material to university study and continuing education past graduation – now and in the future.