Criminal Justice

5 Criminal Justice Blogs for Students

5 Criminal Justice Blogs for Students

Criminal Justice blogs offer students a wealth of information on various criminal justice (CJ) topics. From criminology to juvenile rehabilitation, a degree in criminal justice can lead to a tremendous array of career paths. These resources offer research, analysis, training, opinion, commentary, and also stories on criminal justice.

The criminal justice field is constantly evolving, with new modes of thought and critique of the justice system working to impact and improve it. Resources for students and practicing professionals to use outside the classroom are critical to keeping abreast of that evolution. From podcasts and also articles to social media channels, plenty of sources are available to keep abreast of the field. Here are five blogs for criminal justice students.

Five Best Criminal Justice Blogs

  1. Early American Crime
  2. Crime Museum Blog
  3. Crime Magazine
  4. Psychology and Crime News
  5. Neuroethics and Law Blog

1. Early American Crime

Most people are aware that Australia was a destination for English convicts. Thousands of English convicts were sent to exile in Australia. However, it is little known that the first destination for unwanted criminals was colonial America. Thousands of British convicts were shipped to the new land in the 18th century. These individuals who were convicted of petty theft and other innocuous crimes were chained together in the hold of a ship and sent to America.

The Early American Crime blog is an absolute must-read for CJ students who are also history enthusiasts or intend to specialize in criminal history. This highly visual blog explores everything from America’s oldest prisons to the history of opioid use. Crime historian Anthony Vaver walks readers through details like what prisoners ate daily. Additionally, Vaver is also the author of several books that may serve as supplemental reading for the criminal history student.

More Here: Blog

2. Crime Museum Blog

A blog for those who savor tales of high crime and salaciousness in addition to seeking more information about the most notorious criminals, both past and present, this blog is required reading. From terrorists and murderers to some of the world’s most successful thieves and con artists, the Crime Museum’s blog offers pertinent information on various perpetrators and crime categories.

The Crime Museum has educational articles on law enforcement, forensic science, and criminal history. The site also hosts the Natalee Holloway Resource Center and the Crime Library. Additionally, readers can view exhibits at Alcatraz East Crime Museum. Alcatraz East hosts crime and law enforcement exhibits in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

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3. Crime Magazine

A broad-ranging blog covering forensics, social justice issues in criminal justice, hoaxes, and organized crime, the Crime Magazine offers a large amount of information on criminal history, heists, kidnappings, and crimes of every known type and record. Topics include:

  • Celebrity Crime
  • Justice Issues
  • Organized Crime
  • Foreign Crime

Authored by many experts, the Crime Magazine addresses cold cases and in-progress investigations, including celebrity crime perpetrators and victims.

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4. Psychology and Crime News

It is beneficial for criminal justice students entering the field of forensic psychology. The Psychology and Crime News blog compiles links from Twitter and other platforms relating to crime and forensic psychology. While the blog has not been updated in a while, it’s still a fantastic resource for those interested in the more recent history of crime and forensics and a link list for external blogs, news sites, and social media accounts.

The site compiles recent news and research with psychological and forensic relevance. Topics include witness issues, criminology, sexual crimes, victimology, homicide, aggression, forensic linguistics, crime reduction, rehabilitation of offenders, PTSD, and research in other disciplines relevant to psychiatry. It also compiles recently published journal articles with forensic relevance, updates on criminal justice matters, new initiatives, papers by Government agencies, publication of stats and Government-sponsored research, and conference notifications.

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5. Neuroethics and Law Blog

Neuroethics and Law highlight the crossover between criminal justice and neurological function. This blog presents a wealth of information on the ethics and best practices around cognition and brain function related to crime perpetrators and victims. Especially useful for students planning on entering the criminal psychology or rehabilitation field. Additionally, the blog is regularly updated by a large body of expert contributors.

The Neuroethics and Law Blog is a forum that discusses legal and ethical issues related to cognition and the brain. The editor is Professor Adam Kolber, a law professor at Brooklyn Law School. He teaches criminal law, bioethics, and health law. It is an excellent resource for legal academics, lawyers, bioethicists, neuroscientists, psychologists, neurologists, philosophers, cognitive scientists, psychiatrists, criminologists, and also behavioral economists.

More Here: Blog

What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice seeks to deter future crimes by creating penalties for criminal conduct and rehabilitating criminals through incarceration. It is a system that delivers justice through a punishment proportionate to the crime.

What is the Purpose of the Criminal Justice System?

The criminal justice system protects society, punishes offenders, and rehabilitates criminals. It follows a process laid out in our justice system. First, offenders are arrested and tried for their offenses. Then, they are punished with jail time, fines, or community service if found guilty.

There are three parts of the US Criminal Justice System. The system exists to enforce laws, ensure public safety, and deliver justice to those who have committed crimes.

Why is Criminal Justice so Important?

One of the essential moral values in law and politics is justice. Citizens want legal and political systems that maintain law and order. But they can’t accomplish these goals unless they also achieve justice. From law enforcement to working in the court system, this field is full of jobs for helping others. If you’re protecting people from criminal activity, assisting crime victims, and ensuring justice for them and society.

What are the Four C’s in Criminal Justice?

  • Citizens 
  • Cops
  • Courts
  • Corrections

The four C’s represent the parts of the criminal justice process. Additionally, they are topic areas for blogs. Citizens are a direct part of the criminal justice process. They may report a crime to the police, participate in it, or be victims.

Cops, police officers, and other law enforcement officers respond to calls and work to apprehend offenders. They are the first responders and make initial contact, investigate crimes, apprehend offenders, and then detain them at a local jail. Law enforcement does not determine guilt or innocence.

Courts are the next phase of the criminal justice system. The role of the courts is to charge someone with a crime and then prosecute them for that crime. Courts consist of prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, judges, and also a jury of peers.

If a defendant is found guilty, then corrections are the next step. So, the correctional system carries out the punishment ordered by the court. A defendant may have to pay financial restitution or a fine. Or they may have to serve time incarcerated. When an offender receives a sentence of incarceration, they do their sentence at a jail or prison under guarded supervision. However, offenders can also receive probation which is community-based supervision.

What Makes a Good Topic for a Criminal Justice Blog?

There are many topics within the broad category of criminal justice. Many criminal justice degree programs at the undergraduate and also graduate levels focus on these subcategories. Furthermore, it is essential to cover complex and challenging topics like victim services, child abuse, jury selection, and sexual violence. Below are some of the popular categories for criminal justice blogs.

Criminal Psychology or Forensic Psychology

Criminal psychology is the study of the criminal mind. It unpacks why criminals behave the way they do. These forums discuss the psychological study of criminals and also crime scenes.

Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Blogs

These blogs discuss national and homeland security topics, including cybersecurity and also terrorism.

  • SANS Digital Forensics and Incidence Response Blog
  • In Homeland Security blog
  • Department of Homeland Securit DHS blog
  • Politico blog
  • Krebs on Security blog
  • Schneier on Security blog

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

This study area was popularized by the many television shows that gave regular citizens a glimpse of this fascinating field. Many blogs discuss crime scene investigation techniques and also best practices. Some focus on cases of botched investigations and then present effective solutions to help prevent future injustices.

  • Crime Scene Photography blog
  • The Charles Smith blog
  • The Chick and the Dead blog
  • Explore Forensics blog
  • Forensic Magazine blog
  • Security Affairs blog
  • The Dose Makes the Poison blog
  • CSIDDS blog
  • Bones Don’t Lie blog

Corrections Blogs

These blogs focus on the prison industrial complex and the corrections system. Topics include private prisons, jails, prison culture, and criminal justice reform. Many investigate the intersection of politics and punishment. For example, the Innocence Project exonerates the wrongly convicted with DNA testing. And the IP blog covers the latest developments and its work to create equitable justice systems for everyone.

  • The Innocence Project website
  • Transform Justice is a national charity working for a humane justice system website
  • The Prison Network website
  • Detention Watch Network website
  • Solitary Watch is a watchdog organization that seeks to reform policies like solitary confinement website
  • Prison Culture blog
  • Tales from the Local Jail blog
  • Prison Policy Initiative blog
  • Correctional Nurse blog
  • The Sentencing Project blog
  • Texas Prison Bid’ness blog
  • Prison Watch Network blog
  • Grits for Breakfast blog

History of Crime Blogs

These blogs discuss famous criminal cases and events and are a must-read for any history buff! Crime blogs have a wealth of information on some of the most famous cases in the world. They dissect why the crime was committed and how authorities caught the criminal and brought them to stand trial. Popular topics are also cold cases and confession stories.

Law Enforcement Blogs

One of the biggest problems facing the criminal justice system today is police recruitment and retention. These blogs cover everything law enforcement officers could want to know. Topics include women in law enforcement and technology in law enforcement. 

  • Improving Police Blog
  • Police Magazine blog
  • LAPD blog
  • Cops Alive blog
  • Chicago Justice Project blog

Legal and Court Blogs

The fields of law and criminal justice are closely related. There are many career paths for individuals interested in shaping, enforcing, or arguing the law. Earning a degree in criminal justice can lead to a career in law enforcement, politics, advocacy, and corrections. The best legal and court blogs feature comprehensive articles by experts in law and justice. Legal blogs cover the practice of law, court cases, judges’ opinions, and other related topics.

  • former district attorney Matt Mangino has an official blog here
  • Lowering the Bar blog
  • literally on fire blog
  • Trials & Tribulations blog
  • Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center blog
  • Above the Law blog
  • LexBlog blog
  • US Supreme Court, SCOTUSblog blog

What Makes an Effective Criminal Justice System?

The criminal justice system is where crimes and criminals are arrested, judged, and punished. The most effective criminal justice model includes successful criminal detection, prosecution, and conviction. On the other hand, the American due process model emphasizes protecting the rights of the innocent and convicting the guilty.

Why Follow Criminal Justice Blogs?

These excellent resources represent a different path and approach to our criminal justice system. For young people and students, they serve as material for university study and also for continuing education past graduation.

The general public can read them to keep up with criminal justice issues and reform. And, of course, criminal justice professionals will find these blogs and websites helpful to stay current on topics in their chosen careers. Some other topics covered on popular criminal justice blogs include prison policy initiatives and the sentencing project, police departments and law enforcement officers, and the justice system.

Your Criminal Justice Career

Regardless of which area of criminal justice interests you, criminal justice blogs have a wealth of information. Criminal justice issues affect children, families, and communities. Topics range from criminal justice reform to youth oppression to drugs. So, if you are interested in a career in any criminal justice branch, start reading today and learn all you can to advance your career!