5 Specializations for Graphic Design Majors

  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Print Media
  • Mobile Application Interfaces
  • Digital Illustration

The world of graphic design extends to every digital tool – and every marketing campaign – we use and see. From graphics for user interface design to compelling digital art for marketing and interactive displays, this dynamic and consistently evolving field offers multiple specializations to those pursuing degrees in graphic design, suited to every passion and interest and every personality type. Here are five areas of specialization with a graphic design degree.

1. Typography

Typography might not sound like the most fascinating discipline, but its range of usage is not only incredible but vital to everything from UI design to print media marketing. Typography involves the design and execution of fonts, from those used for writing everyday documents to truly inspiring and even otherworldly custom fonts for marketing campaigns, fine arts, and web design. Many graphic artists choose typography as a secondary discipline, utilizing it as a side hustle; but truly skillful typographers may be employed by high-end publishing and marketing companies on a full-time basis.

2. Iconography

Iconographers meld graphic design practice with excellently honed skills in fine art and photography. Icon design is everywhere – from our clothing and accessories to the mobile apps and websites we use and visit every day. While iconography is one of the most difficult areas of graphic design to master because of how many other skills require mastery, it is also one of the most lucrative – so a graphic designer with a passion and true skill for iconography will almost certainly make an excellent salary.

3. Print Media

Every business, convention, and trade show has print media on offer to demonstrate their products, services, or opportunities – and graphic designers are responsible for effectively designing and executing every single flyer, pamphlet, and business card. Print media is one of the most consistent areas of graphic design in terms of work opportunity, and while it may seem somewhat out of date in comparison with how much time society typically spends online, print media is still in extremely high demand. According to Forbes, print media is valuable in areas of physical consumer presence.

Those who choose to specialize in print media in their graphic design degree may encounter a particular type of print that they really have a passion and skill for, or they may design for all kinds. Regardless, print media presents ample opportunity for both freelance work and full-time employment by small and large print media companies all over the world.

4. Mobile Application Interfaces

Of all the areas of specialization in graphic design, mobile application interfaces are probably one of the most popular – not to mention one of the most highly paid. Mobile applications are used for everything from banking to entertainment, and new apps are created and launched each and every day around the world. Graphic designers who specialize in mobile application interfaces will find themselves not only with consistent work but will be paid very well to do it.

5. Digital Illustration

From ebooks to educational software, digital illustration is another perfect marriage between graphic design and fine art. For graphic design majors with a real love of fine art, digital illustration is used in a wide variety of platforms – even on food packaging. Illustration can be a challenging field to enter, but for graphic designers who are skilled, it is more than feasible to make an excellent living doing it.

Each of these specializations is just a few of the many paths a graphic design student can pursue – but each offers ample opportunity for consistent work, excellent pay, and genuine satisfaction and joy in the work of graphic design.