Is Information Systems Security Similar to Cybersecurity?

One of the main questions in the computer world is if information systems (IS) security is similar to cybersecurity. Since they both have the word “security” in their titles, the common conception is that they’re the same thing. These words are often used interchangeably or as synonyms. Many large organizations require that they have both IS security policies and cybersecurity policies in place. The truth is that, while they share a lot of similarities, they’re two very different things. Here is an overview of both information systems security and cybersecurity and how they both work.

What is the Difference?

To fully understand the difference between IS security and cyber security, one must first understand the difference between information systems and cyber. Information systems is the term used to describe the information stored in a computer system. Information is often referred to as data, which is protected by data security. Organizations generally have very strict confidentiality protocols in place to protect their data from unauthorized users.

This protection may come in the form of password-protected documents. This is also why companies require each user to have their password to log in to their computer. The term cyber is used to describe information or things in the cyber world or the internet. Therefore, cybersecurity describes protecting not just the information but also everything on the computer from cyberattacks, such as hacking or viruses.

What is Information Systems Security?

Information systems security is the type of security that protects the information stored within a computer system. It involves protecting data and information from unauthorized access or unauthorized users. It also prevents others from getting into the system to modify or remove data. Information systems security is used to provide a system with integrity and confidentiality.

When an unauthorized user attempts to get into a computer or a program and is restricted because he or she doesn’t have the correct password, this is information systems security doing its job. IS security protects the information from all types of threats.

What is Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the type of security that protects a computer system from cyber threats or threats from the internet. It protects thieves and other criminals from stealing data and information through cyberspace. An example would be cybercriminals attempting to steal another individual’s social security number, driver’s license or some other type of private information.

Cybersecurity is usually utilized through the use of security software. Although large financial institutions require IS security, they also use cyber security to protect their customers.

Career Options for Both Fields

Both information systems security and cybersecurity are fields that offer many jobs and excellent career opportunities. U.S. News & World Report ranks information security analysts 5th among best technology jobs, 19th among best STEM jobs, and 38th among 100 best jobs. USNWR also ranks IT manager, which is a position for both information systems security and cyber security professionals, 2nd among best technology jobs, 8th among best STEM jobs, 12th among 100 best jobs, and 13th among best-paying jobs. Other highly rated jobs available to both of these professionals include:

  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Network Analyst
  • Computer Systems Administrator

There are very few areas of our lives where we don’t have or need computers. Because of the computer-based world in which we live, we will always need both information systems security specialists and cyber security specialists. Because of their similarities, an individual can obtain training to work in both areas, which can enhance both job opportunities and wage potential.

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