Marketing Graduates Find Great Jobs in These 5 Specializations

  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

Since marketing is such a vast occupation, it makes sense that marketing graduates might want to focus their efforts on gaining expertise in a single specialization. By choosing to get experience in one distinct aspect of marketing, a marketer can become much more valuable to employers who are seeking candidates with that specific type of experience. The following common marketing specializations are all in demand right now:

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is currently one of the fastest growing marketing specializations. It encompasses all forms of online and mobile marketing including social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate marketing, mobile apps and more. These days, each of these components of digital marketing is becoming so influential that a marketing graduate could realistically become a specialist in one of these areas. This would have the potential to create even more opportunities for differentiation in the job market. An example of this would be a marketer choosing to learn as much as possible about affiliate marketing and then seeking a corporate job as an affiliate manager.

2. Direct Marketing

When a business does not utilize the services of a middleman such as a distributor or a retailer, but rather seeks to sell products or services directly to end users, this is known as direct marketing. According to the Data and Marketing Association, direct marketing often takes place through mailed catalogs or on the phone. While telemarketing and catalog marketing are sometimes now considered old-fashioned methods of marketing, they are still important and relevant for some businesses. Since this type of business relies almost entirely on the strength of its marketing efforts, success requires specialized marketing expertise.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a label given to the phenomenon of companies offering upfront payment to influential people who will act as brand ambassadors to promote a company’s brand, products or services. An influencer might be a blogger, podcaster, Youtube publisher, social media expert, doctor, teacher or another individual who has achieved popularity online and is able to influence people’s buying behavior. This is one of the latest marketing trends.

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4. Content Marketing

The creation of online content is the focus of content marketing. Content marketers create videos, podcasts, webinars, audio files, articles, blog posts and other types of media that are designed to attract new and repeat customers to buy a company’s offerings. This type of marketing is effective for selling a broad variety of assets including real estate, physical products, information products, software products and services.

5. Marketing Automation

Many aspects of marketing can be automated for maximum efficiency. A marketing automation specialist might handle a broad variety of tasks such as designing email campaigns that can be automatically triggered to go out when a customer takes a specific action such as requesting information via a certain web form or abandoning a shopping cart.

There is an impressive number of automation software products available including autoresponders, cross-selling platforms, upselling platforms and remarketing services. At this point, it still requires human expertise to design, optimize and implement these automated campaigns for maximum success. Marketing automation does not generally work well unless someone with a knowledge of both human psychology and the actual market for the product customizes the implementation of these technologies.

Marketing graduates who wish to differentiate themselves from other job seekers could consider developing their expertise in any of these five areas. These are all excellent areas of specialization for marketing graduates who wish to find work in the current job market.