Geneva College

The online graduate programs at Geneva College teach students to excel in whatever arena they choose. Additionally, the online format makes it easier to pursue higher education while earning a living. That is a perfect scenario for adult students.

Programs with an Eye to Ministry: Geneva College Online Graduate Programs

Geneva College appears in our ranking of the Top 35 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Higher Education Online.

The Online Christian MBA, for instance, is the same quality program that is offered on campus. It is a traditional degree, and concentrations are only offered on campus. That said, Geneva manages its programs in a way that allows students to switch from online to on-campus or the opposite at the end of a term. Students who take one course a term will finish the degree program in two-and-a-half years; those who take two courses a term will complete it in just over a year.

The 36 credit-hour program consists of ten core courses including Corporate Finance; Financial Management; Human Resource Systems/ Organizational Behavior; Biblical Management and Ethics; and Strategic Business Policy among other courses. Students also complete two electives from several offerings that include: Investment Theory and Applications; Buyer Behavior; Project Management; Operations Management; and more.

The Master of Science in Leadership Studies, Non-Profit Leadership is a program for those who wish to work with non-profits to build, finance, and manage them. Areas of focus for the program include Effective Communication; Ethical Leadership; Decision-Making Skills; Laws and Regulations; and Strategies for Fundraising.

The MS in Leadership core consists of seven courses: History and Theory of Leadership; Leadership and Communication; Leadership and Ethics; Leadership and Motivation; Leadership and Organizational Change; Leadership and Decision-Making; and a capstone project. Students who want to specialize this degree to non-profits take Board Development; Non-Profit Fundraising; Marketing for the Non-Profit Leader; and Finance for the Non-Profit Leader.

The Master of Science in Leadership Studies, Ministry Leadership is for those individuals who are, or who intend to become ministers. Besides ministry skills and stewardship, students who graduate from this program will incorporate business methods and concepts to help ministers manage church organizations.

These students complete the Leadership core courses, and then specialize them with Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning; Preventing Ministry Failure; Developing Leaders and Managing Resources in Ministry leadership and Non-Profit Fundraising. Competence is important, but this program emphasizes the vital nature of honesty and ethics in church management.

The Master of Science in Leadership Studies, Project Management and Leadership is a degree program that uses project management to build efficiency and grow an organization. Project management is built around teams of varying abilities and specializations. The success of the team depends upon competent leadership. This 36 credit-hour program may be used by Christian managers to lead in secular employment as well as Christian opportunities. Graduates of this program may go on to become Internet technology managers, project administrators, business project managers or managers in other areas.

These students complete the seven-course core in leadership and then specialize with Leadership and Finance; Princi0les of Projects Management; Managing Risk and Project Quality Assurance, Assessment and Evaluation. This degree program is occupation-targeted, meaning it endeavors to teach career building skills.

About Geneva College

This Christian liberal arts college in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania was founded in 1848 by The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ohio, but was relocated to this location in 1880. The student body numbers just less than 1,500 people but the school offers more than 30-degree programs for undergraduates. The school also offers a limited number of graduate degrees and some degree completion programs for working adults.

In 1986 the college established the Center for Technology Development, intended to assist local entrepreneurs. The Consolidated Natural Gas Company awarded Geneva the first prize for excellence in its annual competition. Additionally, the school is ranked by the US News and World Report as 92nd of Regional Universities North.

Geneva is selective, accepting only 63 percent of applicants. It has a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1 and an impressive 58 percent four-year-graduation rate.

Geneva College Accreditation Details

  • Mid States Association of the Higher Learning Commission
  • Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Council on Independent Colleges
  • National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
  • Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology
  • Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs
  • American Chemical Society
  • Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs

Geneva College Application Requirements

Students applying to Geneva College for the first time as undergraduates should complete the online application and submit the $40 non-refundable application fee. They should arrange for the school to receive the official transcripts of their high school records and the official results of the standardized tests they took (ACT or SAT). The application also requires the completion of three short essays.

Graduate applicants should note that requirements vary by program. Graduate applicants should create an account on the school portal and follow the directions there.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for graduate students at Geneva College depends upon the program taken. For instance, the Online Traditional MBA tuition is $611 per credit hour and there is an additional fee of $34, making the tuition for this degree $645 per credit hour. The tuition for the Online Master’s in Leadership Studies is $587 and, with the fee, the cost is $621 per credit hour.

Nearly 100 percent of students at Geneva College receive financial aid.

Graduate students needing financial assistance should begin by completing a FAFSA form. The federal program awards grants and loans, including the Graduate Plus which is a parental loan to pay student costs. Additionally, there are private educational loans. The school has a program for employers who are willing to reimburse student expenses. They sign an agreement, but the student has the responsibility to pay all expenses upfront. The exception to this is the MBA program which can be paid in installments.

Some corporations offer scholarships to students in certain disciplines and there ae some opportunities provided by charitable and service organizations. Since this is a Christian school, applicants in need of financial assistance should check with their denominations to see if there are programs available through the church that would help with expenses for a degree program at Geneva College.



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