Is there ever a need for an accelerated online Master’s in Entrepreneurship? Many business-minded people and the public may think that entrepreneurship is something that is innate, but it’s actually easier to move into the field with a graduate degree like an MBA. From learning about how to build a start-up from the ground up to learn how to incorporate different companies under one name, these graduate degrees can come in handy for even the most seasoned business professional.

But busy working adults do not have the time or inclination to take on a traditional degree, especially one that requires that they attend campus. They require a degree that is flexible, affordable, and in most cases, accelerated. This is because these professionals need to earn their education as quickly as possible to put their own ideas and businesses into practice. This is why so many business schools are providing accelerated online opportunities for these students. This is the focus of this ranking.

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Master’s Online Accelerated Programs 

Fast Online Master’s editors have researched the most affordable online entrepreneurship master’s programs by focusing on legitimate, accredited programs. The following programs have been ranked in order of tuition cost, using stats from IPEDS.  

1. Louisiana State University- Shreveport

Louisiana State University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise that can be completed entirely online. Louisiana State University’s affordable entrepreneurship masters online program requires degree candidates to complete 30 semester units to graduate in as little as ten months of study time. This entrepreneurship graduate degree program is accredited by the AACSB International and prepares students for rewarding careers as franchise owners, innovation directors, business owners, or operations managers, to name a few.

The Shreveport campus of the Louisiana State University (Louisiana State) was established in 1967 as a junior commuter college. LSU now operates as a four-year school with a student enrollment that exceeds 8,440 students vying for the more than 40 undergraduate and graduates academic degree programs. The school offers students a faculty to student ratio of 1 to 24.

Degree: Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, MBA

Format: Online

2. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland offers a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Technology Entrepreneurship that is ranked among the top degree for corporate innovators or entrepreneurs. This affordable entrepreneurship masters online program offers degree candidates a fifteen-month study path, which includes nine classes and thirty semester units. Coursework includes financial management, concept development, managing innovation, market development, innovative thinking, and legal aspects of entrepreneurship, among others.

The University of Maryland (Maryland) is the state’s flagship school that was founded in 1856 under the Morrill Land Grant Act. Additionally, the University of Maryland is a space and sea-grant institution of higher education that serves approximately 40,950 undergraduate and graduate students. The University of Maryland’s twelve colleges/schools offers students more than two hundred academic degree programs.

Degree: Technology Entrepreneurship, MPS

Format: Online

3. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona’s Eller Management College offers an MS in Entrepreneurship program that is considered Arizona’s most affordable entrepreneurship masters online program. Students are required to complete thirty semester units to graduate, or 6 to 9 more if prerequisite courses are required. The core coursework for this graduate degree in entrepreneurship includes industry analysis & new venture development, tech ventures, and principles of entrepreneurship, to name a few.

The University of Arizona (Arizona) is a research school that was established under the Morrill Act in the mid-1880s when Arizona was still a territory and not yet a state. UA’s urban campus is home to nearly 46,000 students vying for degrees offered by the school’s nineteen colleges/schools. The University of Arizona maintains and is associated with two medical facilities in the region.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, MS

Format: Online

4. Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship that has received AACSB accreditation. This affordable entrepreneurship masters online or campus-based program requires 33 to 36 graduate semester units, depending on the exact path of study. Degree candidates are required to complete coursework in classes like venture capital, ethics and social responsibility, ideation and innovation, financial accounting, and prescriptive analytics, plus a culminating capstone experience, to name a few.

Founded in 1890, Oklahoma State University operates as Oklahoma’s flagship campus and first land-grant school. Additionally, OSU is a sun and space-grant higher learning institution that is home to approximately 23,960 undergraduate and graduate degree students. Oklahoma State University boasts that its annual homecoming is attended by more than 70,000 participants, making it one of America’s greatest celebrations of homecoming.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, MBA

Format: On Campus/ Online

5. Colorado Tech University

Colorado Tech University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship that is available to be completed 100% online. This 48-credit affordable entrepreneurship masters online program has received ACBSP accreditation, and the curriculum aligns with the National Business Education Association. Colorado Tech’s graduate degree in entrepreneurship is recognized by US News among the top online programs for six consecutive years. CTU offers entrepreneurship applicants nine start dates throughout the calendar year.

Colorado Tech University was established as a technical college in the mid-1960s. More than 90% of CTU’s 23,000 students attend classes offered through CTU’s distance learning platform. Colorado Tech University maintains two campuses in Colorado Springs and Denver. Colorado Tech University offers degrees in the areas primarily that include business, technology, and management.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, MBA

Format: Online

6. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University’s Business College offers a Master of Entrepreneurship (ME) degree program that has earned accreditation from the AACSB. Additionally, WCU offers an alternative academic concentration in innovation leadership for interested business majors. Students enrolled in Western Carolina University’s affordable entrepreneurship masters online program can be completed in as a few as 1.5 years and entirely online. The entrepreneurship curriculum includes entrepreneurial growth & creation, advanced entrepreneurial finance, innovation & creativity, planning, and marketing for the entrepreneur, among others.

Western Carolina University is a member school of North Carolina’s university system that was founded as an academy in 1905. Eventually, WCU became a teacher’s training school that serves more than 12,150 students from more than 30 countries across the globe. Western Carolina University maintains several local campuses in Cullowhee, Ashville, and Cherokee.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, ME

Format: Online

7. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University’s Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures (MEV) degree program that is available 100% online. CMU’s 36- credit hour affordable entrepreneurship masters online program offers degree candidates the opportunity to compete for prize money in the school’s New Venture Competition program. CMU’s graduate degree program in entrepreneurship can be completed in one year for full-time students or two years for those studying part-time. Classes for Central Michigan University’s entrepreneurship degree include venture capital risks at emerging ventures and crowdfunding, to name a few. 

Central Michigan University was founded in the early 1890s as a research school. The university’s campus in Mount Pleasant and the school’s distance learning platform serve approximately 21 550 students. Central Michigan University is organized into eight colleges/schools that offer programs in graduate studies, engineering, medicine, liberal arts, business, education, and health.

Degree: Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures

Format: Online

8. Regent University

Regent University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship that is considered among the Commonwealth of Virginia’s most affordable entrepreneurship masters online or on-campus program. Degree candidates enrolled in Regent University’s entrepreneurship MBA program are required to complete a minimum of 42 credit units to graduate. Regent’s affordable MBA entrepreneurship degree is accredited by the ACBSP and recognized consistently among the top online programs. Classes for Regent University’s entrepreneurship MBA degree include corporate finance/accounting, ethics, managing people, and strategic management, to name a few.

Regent University was founded as an interdenominational Christian higher learning institution in 1977. The university’s Virginia Beach location is home to more than 8,550 undergraduate and graduate students. Regent University’s campus along the Atlantic Coast has been recognized among the most beautiful in the southern United States.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, MBA

Format: On Campus/ Online

9. Walsh University

Walsh University’s Deville Business School, in conjunction with Denver’s spiritually rich Saint John Institute (Walsh Deville Online), offers an MBA – a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) with an academic emphasis in Entrepreneurship that requires students to complete a minimum of 36 graduate semester units to meet program requirements. Walsh University’s affordable entrepreneurship masters online program requires four specialty classes in global business, social media marketing, entrepreneurship/innovation, and managerial accounting. Additionally, degree candidates must submit a culminating entrepreneurship capstone project.

Affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, Walsh University was established in 1960 as a liberal arts school. Walsh University offers its student body (of more than 2,800) more than 65 undergraduate and graduate degree options, plus a variety of opportunities to study internationally. Walsh University is named to honor a member of the Youngstown Diocese – Bishop Emmet Walsh.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, MBA

Format: Online

10. Ashland University

Ashland University’s Dauch Business and Economics College offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship that can be completed in only twelve months. Ashland University’s affordable entrepreneurship masters online program is ranked as the best online MBA for all private institutions of higher education in Ohio, according to US News and World Report. Students enrolled in AU’s MBA degree must complete a minimum of 30 semester credits to graduate.

Founded in 1878 as a college, Ashland University now operates as a multiple campus institution of higher learning with a student enrollment of nearly 8,000 across campuses and online. Ashland University is organized into five colleges that offer programs in business, education, arts/sciences, or health sciences/nursing. The school’s doctorate program in ministry is offered through the school’s theological seminary.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, MBA

Format: Online

11. Grand Canyon University

The Colangelo Business College within Grand Canyon University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship that is considered as one the best affordable entrepreneurship masters online programs available in the marketplace. GCU’s online MBA degree program can be completed in only one year if certain credits are waived. Most classes for this Master of Business Administration offered online run eight weeks. Students are prepared to enter the workforce as an operations director, CEO, or vice president of operations, to name a few.

Grand Canyon University (Grand Canyon) was founded in 1949 as a Christian for-profit school located in Phoenix. Grand Canyon University’s student enrollment exceeds 111,000, of which about 25% student on the school’s Phoenix campus. Grand Canyon University is recognized to be among the largest Christian school across the globe.

Degree: Master of Business Administration

Format: Online 

12. Azusa Pacific University

The Business & Management School at Azusa Pacific University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship that requires degree candidates to complete 42 to 47 semester credits to graduate. Azusa Pacific University’s affordable entrepreneurship masters online program offer students the option of completing the degree in only fifteen months but are given up to sixty months to finish the MBA entrepreneurship degree from Azusa Pacific University. Classes for Azusa Pacific University’s MBA degree are offered in eight-week formats that are accessible 24 hours each day.

Azusa Pacific University (Azusa Pacific) was founded in 1899 in Whittier, California. The university’s suburban location in Azusa covers more than 100 acres and serves more than 10,050 students. Azusa Pacific University is organized into ten colleges/schools offering programs in liberal arts, music, accounting, applied sciences, business, education, nursing, and theology, among other topics.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, MBA

Format: Online

13. Full Sail University

Full Sail University offers an MS in Innovation & Entrepreneurship that can be completed in only one year and entirely online. Full Sail University’s affordable entrepreneurship masters online program offers students both real-world experience and traditional coursework offered through the school’s distance-learning platform. Degree candidates must complete classes in entrepreneurial finance, business venture research, legal issues in entrepreneurship, business model development, and innovative work environments, to name a few. Students attending Full Sail University’s receive an Apple MacBook Pro upon admission

Full Sail University (Full Sail) was established in Ohio as a recording studio in the late 1970s. This for-profit higher learning institution serves approximately 20,000 students, which about half study online through the university’s distance learning platform. Between 1989 and 1991, the student enrollment at Full Sail University doubled due to a renewed interest in film studies.

Degree: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MS

Format: Online

14. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship that allows degree candidates to finish the degree program in only twelve months. Southern New Hampshire University’s affordable entrepreneurship masters online program is accredited by the ACBSP and does not require a GRE or GMAT for admission. Students enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University’s MBA in entrepreneurship program will also be required to complete a practicum or submit a culminating real-world capstone project.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNH) was established as a private school dedicated to teaching business and accounting in 1932. The school’s student on enrollment on both campuses and online exceeds 89,000 students. Southern New Hampshire University offers programs in engineering, education, business, international engagement, and arts/sciences, to name a few.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, MBA

Format: Online

15. California Lutheran University

California Lutheran University offers an MBA in Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship that is ranked among California’s affordable entrepreneurship masters online programs.  California Lutheran University’s School of Management has received accreditation from the ACBSP. Students graduate from California Lutheran University’s MBA degree in entrepreneurship to find rewarding careers as business consultants, product developers, and business analysts, to name a few.

California Lutheran University (Cal Lu) was established in the late 1950s and is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church but operates as a nonsectarian. California Lutheran University’s suburban campus is home to more than 2,750 students and is located less than an hour to the north and west of Los Angeles. California Lutheran University has hosted preeminent speakers in its series, which include Ronald Regan and Gerard Ford, among others.

Degree: Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MBA

Format: Online

Why Should I Get My Master’s in Entrepreneurship Online?

Taking the initiative to earn your Master’s in Entrepreneurship online shows you are ready to take on more responsibility and are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your career goals. If you are already employed, it shows that you are interested in moving forward with your career and possibly taking on a new specialization. Earning a Master’s degree will give you all the skills to truly become a master in your profession. As an expert, you can share your expertise with others who will benefit from it.

Taking your classes online offers you both freedom and flexibility. You will be able to continue to work at your regular job and, at the same time, be learning the skills you need to apply for new roles as they become available. Learning online gives you a chance to take your time. You don’t have to rush through a lesson like you would if you were learning in a classroom setting. For students who must deal with anxiety, working on their own in a safe and secure environment allows them to learn much more efficiently.

What Can I Do with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship?

Earning a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship will give you the credentials you need to be considered a professional in your field. Gaining expert status means that you will be able to consult on major projects, provide sound advice, and offer insight that may be needed before an important decision can be made. As a professional, you will be able to find work as an independent contractor or as part of a larger team of experts within an organization or company. No matter where you choose to work, new opportunities will begin to present themselves as you continue to further your career.

With a Master’s in Entrepreneurship, you will be able to choose the specialization of your choice and begin to focus all of your efforts on that particular, professional field. As you continue to master your chosen craft, your value as an entrepreneur will continue to grow. The more you invest in yourself and your abilities, the more companies and other professionals will seek you out so they can benefit from your services. The additional experience you earn as you continue to work within your chosen field will also help to secure your reputation as an expert.

Is a Master’s in Entrepreneurship Good for My Career?

Earning a Master’s in Entrepreneurship will boost your career in many ways. Not only will it give you the knowledge you need, it will also provide you with the opportunity to flesh out your education. You can do this by choosing a specialization and including those classes in your degree program. This allows you to branch out and learn about areas that are influenced by the skills you may already have. As you continue to learn more about your specialization, you may be encouraged to try for a dual degree. This offers twice the benefits and a broader range of options when it comes to your career path.

With a Master’s in Entrepreneurship, you will be able to apply for management-level positions in your chosen field of interest. You will also be able to create your own career path by becoming a professional consultant. This gives you a chance to help other professionals manage their own careers as well as the many projects they may be involved in. Choosing a Master’s in Entrepreneurship will allow you to pursue your career and follow any specialization you choose. This will allow you to create a career you can be proud of.

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship?

By completing your Master’s in Entrepreneurship, you open the door to many new opportunities. You also dramatically increase your earning potential. If you have a few years of experience and have earned a position as a senior project manager, you may be able to earn as much as $135,000 per year. If you prefer to work as a consultant to management teams, you could be able to earn as much as $126,000 per year. If you work in the field of software development, your salary expectations will be approximately $110,000.

If you want to increase your earning potential, earning a Master’s in Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to accomplish your goals. It will maximize your earning potential and give you a chance to broaden your career horizons. You will be able to explore new opportunities and apply for positions you may not have been eligible for in the past. The management skills you learn with this type of degree give you a chance to offer much-needed insight into the best practices of managing everything from projects to entire corporations. This is your chance to put your education into action.

What are the Career Options for an Accelerated Online Master’s in Entrepreneurship Degree?

The career options for a degree in entrepreneurship are, frankly, limitless. A professional can do various things with this degree, but the most popular is to go into business for themselves. It is also likely that a professional will use their education to teach others how to become entrepreneurs or freelance as consultants. In fact, nearly every avenue in business is open to these professionals; it is only a matter of finding a career path that speaks to an individual.

How Much Can You Earn in This Field?

The current average salary for an entrepreneur is around $171,000. As this is an average salary, students should be mindful that the range is much larger than this; for example, Elon Musk could be considered an entrepreneur, one who makes millions of dollars a year, but for every Elon Musk, there are hundreds of entrepreneurs who make $40,000 a year in their business ventures.

The truth is that being an entrepreneur means that salaries are dependent on not just the individual, but the economy, the current state of the industry in which a business was created for, consumer trends, whether a business is privately or publicly held, and more. Professionals should expect to make around $30,000 a year for their first year in business.

What are the Various Disciplines of Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a field that encompasses business, finance, marketing, economics, and accounting. It also encompasses leadership, management, human resources, industrial-organizational psychology, sociology, administration, and leadership. Entrepreneurship is also affected by other disciplines; however, these disciplines are specialized to different industries, such as healthcare or technology. Professionals will find that disciplines specific to their business venture will become apparent as their business grows.

Is a Degree in Entrepreneurship Really Useful?

There are a reported 15 million Americans who considered themselves to be self-employed or entrepreneurs. While it is true that the majority of these professionals did not go to graduate school or earn a degree specifically in entrepreneurship, there is still a demand for this degree. This is for two reasons: one, many professionals have the creativity and vision, but not the knowledge, to build a business; and two, many business professionals turn to entrepreneurship after years of work and education experience.

A degree in entrepreneurship can be extremely helpful for an individual who has a really good idea for a business but has no idea how to make it become a reality. These professionals need to learn how venture capital works, the laws and regulations that may affect their venture, how to build a business venture, and how to organize their business to maximize profits. A master’s degree in this field is absolutely beneficial for these professionals.

The degree can also be useful for business people who have been in the sector for years and are ready to branch out on their own. Rather than leave their current position and strike out on their own, an online degree in this field can enable them to learn what they need to know while they continue to work. This enables them to make a smart move once they jump into the entrepreneur section of the field.

Entrepreneurship is a challenging field to enter, even for seasoned veterans of the business community. However, it is an exciting place for those who crave innovation and creativity in their life’s work. But like with all fields, there is a bit of education that is needed in order to make the best of the field. That’s precisely what an accelerated online Master’s in Entrepreneurship degree provides for professionals who are interested in moving into an exciting direction while taking care of their professional and personal duties.


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