California State University Long Beach

Online Graduate Programs Available at California State University Long Beach


California State University Long Beach appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Public Safety Administration Online.

California State University Long Beach offers graduate degree programs for students who only want to take online classes and hybrid programs that give them chances to study on its campus. The university’s emergency management program is very popular and focuses on both civil engineering and construction engineering management. Students learn how to design and construct buildings that can withstand environmental dangers such as earthquakes and hurricanes. They also take classes that look at other emergency situations, including terrorist attacks and on-site shooters.

In the emergency services administration program, students look at both potential emergency risks and what to do when a risk becomes a reality. Students take 22 units of required courses, including Emergency Planning and Management, Strategic Planning and Integrative Practices in Emergency Services Administration, and Information Literacy and Practical Writing Applications for Emergency Management. The university asks that they take courses on writing and defending their thesis proposals and another course that shows they met the requirements for completing a thesis. Students in this program can also take a class that lets them get credit for the volunteer work they do with an emergency services organization.

The full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program available online from California State University Long Beach includes 22 months of work. Unlike the traditional MBA program, the online program does not include concentrations and instead lets students study economics and other general areas of business. Courses in the MBA program include Marketing Concepts, Financial Accounting, Seminar Management of Information Systems, Seminar in Human Resource Management, and Seminar in Business Finance. It also includes an international experience that asks students to study international business at the local level.

In the university’s criminology and criminal justice program, students look at the role of law enforcement and other agencies in the criminal justice field. It features a course called Police Organization and Management that focuses on what these organizations do and the operations of those agencies. Other courses include Crime and Public Policy, Legal Issues in Criminal Justice, Theories of Crime Causation, and Law and Social Control. The hybrid programs available from California State University Long Beach include majors in geographic information systems, social work, public administration, finance, and health care management and administration.

About California State University Long Beach

Established in 1949 as Los Angeles-Orange County State College, California State University Long Beach is now a full member of the California State University System. It became Long Beach State University in 1950 and California State College at Long Beach in 1964. To pay homage to its former name, many still refer to the campus as Long Beach State. The university also uses other names such as CSULB, Cal State Long Beach, and The Beach. Ranked as a top American university by Forbes and one of the best universities in the west by U.S. News and World Report, Long Beach State has an enrollment of more than 5,500 graduate students.

California State University Long Beach Accreditation Details

Long Beach State has institutional accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASCS). Any graduate student who wants to transfer to an online program and get credit for past work can submit their transcripts for evaluation because of this accreditation. It is also important for online students who need financial aid because it lets them use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). CSULB allows students to submit the FAFSA when they submit their applications for admission.

California State University Long Beach Application Requirements

The process and eligibility for graduate students are the same for those applying to an online program as they are for those applying to a traditional program. Graduate students must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Students can also apply if they have a GPA of at least 2.5 over the last 60 credit hours of classes they took. Programs may accept students on a conditional basis if they have a lower GPA. Cal State Long Beach also requires that graduate students complete their undergraduate degrees by the end of the summer before they start at the university.

Prospective graduate students can access the CSULB application starting on October first, but the last date by which they can submit the application will vary. Though some programs have a deadline of February first, others have deadlines later in the year. Some programs will also accept applications after their deadlines if they have not yet filled all spots. All students will need to create admissions accounts submit their applications online and pay the Cal State Long Beach application fee. Online programs can ask for writing samples, test scores, letters of recommendation, and other documents. Students accepted into any of the university’s programs must go online and agree to the Long Beach State terms before they can start classes.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attendance at Cal State Long Beach ranges from $8,268 to more than $15,000 a year for traditional graduate students based on whether they are California residents. Online grad students’ pay rates are determined by the number of credits they take. Part-time students can take up to six credit hours of classes and will pay $2,628 per semester for tuition and fees. Full-time graduate students take seven or more credit hours of classes and pay $4,134 per semester. If a student is not a California resident, the university will add a nonresident fee of $396 to each credit hour that the student takes.

More than 70% of all Long Beach State students receive financial aid. Students will only find out about those opportunities and get a financial aid package when they apply to the university and submit the FAFSA. The most common type of aid given to graduate students is a loan. Loans available from the federal government are unsubsidized, which means that interest builds on their loans while they’re still in school. Students can look at some of the PLUS and other types of loans offered by the government and for the alternative loans available from other lenders. California State University Long Beach also allows students to use any other aid they have to pay for its online graduate degree programs, including the GI bill and outside scholarships.