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Northwest Nazarene University

NNU offers 13 different graduate programs that students can complete online. Students can graduate with a Master in Business Administration within 16 months of starting the program because they take two classes at a time that last for eight weeks. The university encourages working students to enroll in the program and claims that they can do as little as 12 hours of work a week in all of their classes.

Northwest Nazarene University appears in our ranking Top 25 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Business Administration Online.

Another online option for graduate students is the university’s Master of Arts in Youth, Children and Family Ministry. Designed for pastors and others who want to work closely with their parishioners, it allows students to use their own experiences in their classes. Each course is worth between two and four credits. Students will take Leadership in Ministry, Family Ministry in Practice and Developmental and Spiritual Formation of Youth, Children and Families in addition to other classes.

The university now offers two online Master of Science in Nursing programs. Students can choose between the family nurse practitioner and the leadership and education programs. Each course lasts for no more than six weeks and allows students to share their own fieldwork experiences in their classes. Students will take an orientation course and complete several clinical experiences during the program. They will also take courses such as Research for Graduate Nursing, Healthcare Systems and Health Policy and Advanced Health Assessment.

Each of the six education graduate programs available online allows students to study different areas of the education field. Some programs award students a Master of Education, but there are some education specialist programs available as well. It offers an educational leadership program with concentrations in leadership and organizational development, building administrator, director of special education and superintendent. This is also available as a general educational leadership program. Students can also earn a Master of Education with a concentration in Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation.

About Northwest Nazarene University

Northwest Nazarene University is a small university in Idaho. Founded in 1913, it initially served as a Bible school that offered some elementary school classes too. Called the Idaho Holiness School, it became the Northwest Holiness College just two years later after dropping the elementary school program. It then chose the name Northwest Nazarene College, a name it held until 1999 when the college became Northwest Nazarene University. Students usually call it NNU today, though some also call the university Northwest Nazarene.

The university has a religious affiliation with the Church of the Nazarene and is one of the only eight campuses in the nation with that affiliation. Churches belonging to this religious raise money and donate funds to keep the university open. A large number of its students actually attend services in those churches. NNU offers more than 70 different degree programs that include some for undergrads and more than 10 programs for graduate students. There are a handful of online programs available today as well. With an enrollment of just over 2,000 students, NNU ranks as one of the smallest schools in Idaho.

Northwest Nazarene University Accreditation Details

Since NNU has regional accreditation from the NCCU, any student who needs financial aid has the right to apply for it through FAFSA and get some funding for the following year. This also gives students who earned credits before the right to transfer those credits into a new program. NNU has accreditation for its counseling, nursing, education, music, social work and business programs from groups such as the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Northwest Nazarene University Application Requirements

It’s important that students know what they want to study at NNU because that program will determine the application requirements that they must meet. All programs ask that students complete the NNU online application and that they pay the fee attached to that application. This fee is only due when the student submits the form. The application features multiple sections that allow students to talk about their backgrounds, including the types of classes they took in college and where they earned their undergrad degrees.

Some of the other application requirements that programs have in place include a goals statement and a resume. The resume must show any professional experiences that the student has outside of college. It can also include activities and interests that the student has that relate to his or her field of study. The goals statement is a document that lists all the goals that the individual student has for the future. Students may also need to submit a writing sample such as a paper done for a college course and an official test score from a graduate exam such as the GRE. Some programs will also ask for either references or letters of recommendation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students attending NNU and taking online classes will pay different rates based on the programs they study. Its business program charges $595 per credit hour while its nursing program charges a rate of $600 per credit hour. Those in an education program will pay $475 per credit hour to earn a Master of Education. Its education specialists programs charge a higher rate of $505 per credit hour. All students must also pay a $95 technology fee that is due at the beginning of each semester.

Financial aid is available for graduate students through different sources. Students should look at the unsubsidized loans that they can borrow from the federal government first. These loans charge lower interest rates and require that students complete counseling before the government will give them those funds. That counseling helps students understand the repayment plans that they will follow later and shows them how they can make payments before they graduate. Plus loans also come from the government, which also offers a program for the parents of enrolled college students. Students who cannot afford the cost of a Northwest Nazarene University graduate program can also apply for alternative or private loans, which come from other types of lenders.