University of Alabama Birmingham

Online Master’s Programs Offered at the University of Alabama Birmingham


The University of Alabama Birmingham appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Educational Psychology Online.

The University of Alabama Birmingham offers 66 online and blended graduate degree programs. Blended programs include a small amount of traditional or on-campus work. Students might take one class in the early evening in the middle of the week and do all remaining work from home. Some of the blended programs include the university’s Master of Science in Health Administration and the Master of Science in Nursing. The MSN programs include different concentrations such as family care and primary care.

Through the College of Arts and Sciences, students can earn degrees in criminal justice and sociology. Both of these programs awards graduate Master of Science degrees and include all online classes. The Collat School of Business offers 100% online programs too. Accounting majors take courses to meet the minimum number of hours needed to take the CPA exam. They can also take other professional exams after finishing the program. Majors in business administration and management information systems are also available from this college.

With eight graduate programs available, the University of Alabama Birmingham’s School of Education offers more options for online students than any other college or department. Most of these are Master of Education programs that do not require students to do any fieldwork. Students who want to do fieldwork must find a location and get approval from the university to earn credit. They can choose from majors such as early childhood education, reading, special education, and health education. This college also offers Master of Science programs in kinesiology and instructional design and development.

Other degree programs are available from the university’s School of Engineering, including a Master of Science in Engineering with a concentration in advanced safety engineering and management. Engineering students can also pick majors in structural engineering, construction engineering, information engineering, and sustainable smart cities. The university also offers a number of online nursing programs. Those programs include nurse educator, nursing health systems administration, advanced forensic nurse, and emergency nurse practitioner majors.

About the University of Alabama Birmingham

The University of Alabama Birmingham is a public university in Birmingham, Alabama. Also known as UAB, it is one of the three campuses that make up the UA system. The University of Alabama established a small school in Birmingham in 1936. Called the Birmingham Extension Center, it had an enrollment of just 116 students and offered classes in a small former home. After UA moved its medical school to Birmingham and enrollment at the extension center grew, locals began calling for the school to become a university. The extension center officially became the University of Alabama Birmingham in 1969, which makes it one of the newer schools in the state.

U.S. News and World Report ranks UAB as the 159th best university in America and the 162nd best university in the world. It also recognized the university’s programs in chemistry, physics, biology, and biological sciences as among the best. Those programs have a strong reputation because of the laboratory classes included in each one and for the research opportunities available for majors. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings recognized UAB as one of the best colleges that are younger than 50 years old. It is also one of the state’s largest colleges, with an enrollment of more than 21,000 students.

University of Alabama Birmingham Accreditation Details

The psychology, pastoral education, business, and occupational therapy programs offered by UAB are just a few of the programs with accreditation. Organizations grant accreditation to programs that offer strong opportunities for students both in school and once they complete their degrees. UAB also has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS only grants regional accreditation to colleges in the southern United States after a lengthy review of the principles and practices associated with those schools.

University of Alabama Birmingham Application Requirements

Prospective UAB graduate students must create an online account, which gives them access to their own dashboards. The dashboard shows them when they need to apply, the requirements of each program, and what they need to do to finish the application process. UAB asks that grad students submit their applications by the first of August when applying for the fall semester and by the first of May to start in the summer. The UAB dashboard also shows students when they began the application and when the university received the application. They can also use the dashboard to view the decision made by the university.

Though programs can have different requirements, the UAB Graduate School requires that students submit their transcripts and pay an application fee. They usually need to provide two letters of recommendation also. UAB allows students to list the name of each reference they want to use on the application and provide contact information for each name too. The dashboard will update itself once the university receives each letter. Students typically need to write a personal essay or a statement too. This essay should list the specific goals they have, what they hope to get out of the UAB program, and the goals they have for their careers.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Online UAB students typically pay less than traditional students do. Most of the university’s graduate programs charge $1,088 per credit hour, some programs charge more. Online students pay $500 to $656 per credit hour for their classes if they are also Alabama residents. Residents of other states taking traditional classes will need to pay the university’s nonresident rate. UAB charges the same rates for all online students though.

To get financial aid, UAB recommends that students submit the FAFSA right after they apply to an online program. The most common type of aid given to graduate students is an unsubsidized loan. As long as a student enrolls at least half-time in a program, he or she can borrow a maximum of $20,500 a year, which is enough to cover tuition and fees. The government also offers PLUS loans for students who need a little extra help. Graduate students may want to take out alternative loans to pay some of their UAB costs or look at external scholarships that organizations and other groups offer. The University of Alabama Birmingham accepts all types of external funding given to students for its online graduate programs.