What is the Earning Potential with a Master’s in Sports Management?

Earning a Master’s in Sports Management is one way to capture the attention of recruiters in need of educated and skilled sports management personnel. With more and more schools offering sports management programs at a graduate level, the competition is heating up off the court for some of the top-paying management positions in the industry.

Going to school is not for the weak, especially when you are going to spend two to three more years in the classroom to earn an advanced degree. Before you spend all of that time and money enrolling in a Master’s in Sports Management program, it’s best that you know what your earning potential will be once you have completed more schooling. While there is no definitive way to tell what you will actually make, looking at average salaries in various roles can help.

Knowing the Industry

Sports management is a very general term used in the workforce today. When you work as management within the sports industry, you can hold a plethora of titles. You could be a coach or scouter, a sports agent at a large firm, a recreation center director, or a team marketing director to name a few. Each and every one of these sports management titles pays an entirely different salary range.

What is the Average Salary?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you were to pursue becoming a sports marketing management or public relations manager in the spectator side of the industry, you could expect to earn an average salary of $122,660.

Anyone with a passion for coaching and recruiting may need to take a look at the salary averages before deciding to earn a degree in sports management. While scouts may need additional education, the average earnings in this category are only $64,180 per year, and this is entirely dependent on the employer and the region. Average salaries for marketing managers come in at $125,640 and for agents comes in around $90,870, where geography plays a huge role.

Factors That Affect Salaries

There is a wide range of factors that will tie into the salary expectations for each job title, even when every professional has completed the same level of education. For example, the geographic region where you plan on working can greatly affect the supply and demand for sports management graduates. Level of experience and whether or not you yourself were an athlete can also play a role.

Not all areas across the country have major sports markets or event public-funded sports programs. The best bet for finding a high-paying position in your area is to look at what sports are most popular and how the weather would affect viewership. Some areas where the outlook for managers is high include:

  • California
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

The earning potential for graduates of a Master’s in Sports Management program can be high if you put your degree to use in the right area of the market. Not all sports markets are flourishing, but if you are doing what you love to do and earning a livable, if not higher, wage, then you will never feel like you’re working. These are the things to consider if you are contemplating whether or not to earn a Master’s in Sports Management.

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