What are the Highest Paying Jobs in Business Administration?

There is a massive world of business administration jobs out there. Of all the job choices, which are some of the potentially highest paying roles in this sector? Here are five of the jobs in business administration that have the potential for being the most lucrative.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive officers, or CEOs, are quite possibly the most recognized professionals in the world of business administration and management. This is because of their top role at many companies as well as the prestige, notoriety, and financial status of the position in many cases. Chief Executive Officers are indeed the top shot-callers, aside from shareholders, at many organizations today, and subsequently, they are often the highest-paid member of staff and can make virtually any sum. CEOs in technology, as well as banking, tend to see the highest positional value in today’s markets.

Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors, or PFAs, offer key financial guidance, as their title suggests. These professionals typically work for an outside organization or on their own and are contracted to come in and help a business or individual with their financial decisions and goals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this position is akin to that of the financial analyst, financial manager, or even the budget analyst. While it’s hard to pin down an average pay range for this role, it’s not uncommon for workers here to earn well over $100,000 per year.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are the head managers of organizations’ entire range of marketing efforts. This usually entails a department dedicated to marketing, various public campaigns, top-level planning and strategy, and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes this particular job as one that is growing faster than average and requires just a bachelor’s degree for entry in many cases. Additionally, the bureau cites median pay estimates in this career sector to be about $129,380 per year.


Far from the limelight seen by those in positions such as CEOs, actuaries also get paid quite handsomely while performing yet another critical business role. This math and statistics-based position involve the analysis of many facts and figures in a business followed by recommendations going forward. For instance, actuaries play an integral role in insurance companies and their ability to establish fair but profitable rates and policies. Actuaries mathematically assess risk, formulate efficient prices and policies, help with complex budgeting issues, and more. Median pay rates seen in this career sector are just over $100,000 per year.


Finally, entrepreneurs fill yet another potentially very high-paying role in the world of business and its administration. These individuals are the dreamers and investors who create and follow through with new companies, new concepts, services, and more. While this business role carries the most financial risk of those in this list, it can also lead to immeasurable riches and importance in the modern world. Listed as “Top Executives” by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals have a median sector-wide pay rate thought to be around $104,700 per year.

Business administration is all about keeping business moving at the speed of today’s demand. While not all positions here provide the world’s largest paychecks, there still are many that do offer a very comfortable income. The above-mentioned business administration jobs are among some of those that are the highest paying in the greater field right now.

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