Cybersecurity Resources for Small Businesses

Here are some Cybersecurity Resources for Small Businesses. Successfully owning and running a business is a lot more difficult today. Unlike in the past when threats were visible, today a large number of threats are invisible because they are from cyberspace, by way of internet-based threats and invasions. Whether you are just entering the business world as you earn an MBA, or you are a business veteran, data security and information privacy should be of high concern to you.

In the post-COVID-19 era more and more employees are working from home. So, it is more crucial than ever that you plan for data security threats. This way, you can keep the confidence of your customers and run your business smoothly. You can also avoid any legal issues that will be costly and damaging to your small business.

Here is a curated list of resources for small businesses to help protect you, safeguard your customer’s data, and educate your staff..

Government Cybersecurity Resources

Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission is a government site that offers helpful information to help protect consumers such as information on cybersecurity for small businesses and more. It also offers consumers information on where to report issues. 

Small Business Administration

This site, provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration, offers help to small business owners as well as information on how to start a small business and any rules or guidelines they may need to know. 

National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education

National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) is a network of professionals who offer workforce development as well as cybersecurity training and education through courses, seminars, webinars, conferences, and online courses. 

Department of Homeland Security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is a government organization aimed at keeping the nation safe from cyber and real threats. Their site offers information on laws, regulations and even careers. 

National Institute for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies 

As an online source for cybersecurity training, the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) helps students, educators, employees, and industry professionals collaborate on cybersecurity training across the nation. 

National Security Agency

National Security Agency Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) is a government agency committed to defending the nation and offering online resources on what they offer people in the way of security, courses, and online training. 

More Government Resources:

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Communications Commission is a government agency in charge of regulating international and interstate communications by wire, television, radio, cable, and satellite in all the states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia. 

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency is a government agency that works with the Federal government on the usage of cybersecurity framework and educates the public on how to identify and protect themselves and their businesses from cyber threats. 

Office of Personnel Management

Acting as the personnel policy manager and human resources agency for the Federal Government, the United States Office of Personnel Management helps federal employees reach their career goals in serving the American public. 

U.S. General Services Administration

U.S. General Services Administration helps to promote employment and provide workplaces by preserving, managing, and contracting government buildings. They also offer professional services and supplies to the private sector and lease commercial real estate.

Ready, which is part of Homeland Security, is a National organization that strives to empower and educate the public on how to respond to and prepare for man-made and natural disasters. It also offers training programs and webinars. 

Small Business Resources

The Small Business Guide to Cybersecurity

SCORE, a partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, is a non-profit organization that supplies services to aspiring and current business owners, including webinars, mentoring and online resources, among others. 

What Small Businesses Need to Know about Cybersecurity

This SCORE website offers valuable information and webinars on cybersecurity for small business owners. 

Security Awareness Topics for Employees

INFOSEC is an organization that works with IT specialists and security professionals to promote cybersecurity and keep cybercriminals in jail. 

Cybersecurity Training Resources for SMBs

Zeguro is an organization that offers various cybersecurity insurance and training programs and resources to small business owners. 

Free Online Cybersecurity Training

Enjoy Safer Technology (ESET) offers free online cybersecurity awareness training to employees and business professionals. 

Security Awareness Training for Employees, And Certification Training Programs

Cybercrime Magazine is an online publication that provides businesses and readers with important data, statistics, and reading material on cybercrime. 

More Small Business Resources:


Norton is a large company that offers a variety of products and services to protect individuals and businesses against viruses and cyber threats. It offers software, hardware, and online help to customers. 


Cybersecurity for Small Businesses is a site that offers various self-paced training programs on cyber threats, cybersecurity and ways to avoid being a victim of cyber fraud. 


Coursera is an organization that offers training and resources for those interested in cybersecurity issues. 

Stay Safe Online

National Cyber Security Alliance is an organization that offers a variety of products and resources to help small business owners keep their companies safe from cyber threats. 


Kaspersky is an organization and business that offers products and services for computers and internet safety, including anti-virus and internet security software and products. 

Helpful Cybersecurity Articles

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur is a site that offers products designed to protect small businesses from cyber threats. They offer webinars, courses, and only training programs. 


This article by Forbes offers business owners information on not just keeping their businesses safe from outside threats but also how to spot employee theft. 


CNBC is a popular and well-known media company that offers information on cyberattacks and how much they cost to businesses every year as well as ways to prevent them. 

SC Media

SC Media is a magazine that specializes in computer-related issues and offers information on how to avoid and be protected from cyber-attacks. 


Reuters is a news outlet that offers valuable resources to business owners and consumers regarding good business practices and internet threats. 

This site offers various resources and articles from different media sources but focuses on internet security, network security and cybersecurity issues. 

More Resources:


The BBC is a news media that offers business-related information such as cybersecurity and preventative measures. 

Business News Daily

Business News Daily is an media company committed to helping small businesses be successful and safe from cybersecurity threats and others criminals. 

Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society is an organization where those interested in computer science and engineering can collaborate and share ideas globally. 

Security Week

Security Week is an online media site that offers valuable information and articles on important topics such as hacking, cyber fraud, viruses and various other cybersecurity threats small business owners face. 



Fundera is a company focused on helping small business owners keep their businesses safe. They offer information and statistics on the top cybersecurity threats today. 

Hashed Out

Hashed Out is an online journal that offers information and articles on IT security and crime analysis. Important cyber-attack statistics are also available to help business owners protect their business. 


Varonis is a site that offers more than 100 cybersecurity statistics business owners must know as well as solutions to current cyber threats and issues. 

The Manifest

The Manifest offers information and statistics on the top cybersecurity threats this year as well as how-to guides to help protect a business and its data. is a government organization that offers statistics on the largest data security issues in 2020 as well as articles on digital security, home security and more. 

Security Magazine

Security is a site that provides a variety of business-related topics to help business owners keep their businesses safe from cyber threats, data breaches, covid-19 and more. 


Comparitech offers business owners and individuals information about trends and statistics on more than 300 cybersecurity issues and practices. 


This site and article by IBM offer business owners information not only on data breaches in general but also how much data breaches can actually cost a company. 


Statista is a site that offers business owners information on the number of data breaches in 2020 that resulted in compromised data for companies. 

Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is a site that provides vital information on data breaches, including what they are, how long they’ve been around, how to handle them and how to respond to a data breach at a moment’s notice. 

Fraud Prevention Tools

Windows Defender

This article through Microsoft provides information and products designed to keep computers safe from invasions and viruses. They also offer services and software. 

CISA Incident Reporting System

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency is an organization that handles reports of cyber-attacks and internet threats.


Visa is a financial institution that offers products like loans and credit cards as well as important information on ways to keep their finances safe. is an organization that helps credit card owners ensure they’re not being overcharged and are not issues of credit card fraud. They also offer helpful information on fraud. 

Business Know-How

Business Know-How is a site that offers information on how to keep your business safe from credit card fraud, cyberattacks, and other extremal invasions.


Spend Journal is a media outlet that provides consumers and small business owners with information and statistics on company credit card fraud and similar monetary issues.

This site by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) offers a variety of articles and resources on how to avoid being a victim of credit card fraud. 

More Fraud Prevention Resources:


Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a national organization that provides consumers and individuals with information on fraudulent businesses or the legitimacy of businesses. 


Chron, or Houston Chronicle, is an online newspaper that offers information on credit card fraud, cyber threats and other threats business owners face every day in their business. 


Chase is a financial institution that offers financial services and products as well as information on keeping finances safe from outside threats. 

American Express

This site, through American Express, offers consumers a variety of financial services and information on cyber threats and internet scams. 

Huntington Bank

Huntington is a financial organization that offers financial products like credit cards and loans. They also offer training and articles on being financially safe and smart. 

Data Breach Reporting, Laws, and Information

FTC Data Breach Reporting

This site, offered by the Federal Trade Commission, offers business owners information on how to avoid security breaches and what signs to be aware of to remain safe.