What are the Highest Paying Marketing Jobs?

Candidates interested in some of the highest paying jobs in marketing may be surprised to hear that many of them may be possible with only a bachelor’s degree, unlike other fields that often require graduate degrees for top wages. Marketing is the ideal career choice for an individual who has a flair for advertising, a creative mind, and an interest in helping products sell. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in marketing.

Chief Marketing Officer

A chief marketing officer (CMO) is the individual in charge of developing and managing a company’s marketing plans. The CMO demonstrates the company’s marketing goals to marketing and sales employees and ensures they know how to satisfy those goals. The chief marketing officer also uses marketing channels to communicate to clients and the media. This person must have exceptional analyzing, management, and leadership skills. A big part of the CMO’s job is assessing the marketing environment, analyzing future marketing strategies, and knowing what to modify, keep and promote in their advertising campaigns. Chief marketing officers earned an average yearly wage of $170,191, according to a July 2018 report by PayScale.

Marketing Director

Marketing directors are right below chief marketing officers in the marketing department’s chain of command. Marketing directors oversee a company’s marketing program and report to the CMO. Marketing directors do research on marketing services and products, analyze marketing trends to remain competitive, oversee external and interior advertising. This position does require experience but can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree. Although the marketing director oversees the department, he or she does pitch in and help when needed and works right along with the marketing team. PayScale reports that marketing directors earned an average wage of $83,322 as of July 2018.

Vice President of Marketing

Vice presidents of marketing are highly valued executives who are often on the board of directors and in charge of outlining and managing a company’s marketing services, products, and strategies. This individual usually attends board meetings and reports marketing strategies to top executives. Their duties include advertising, branding, pricing, and setting up discounts. The VP of marketing generally has a team of marketing researchers working under him or her. According to PayScale, vice presidents of marketing earned average yearly wages of $138,620 as of July 2018.

Global Marketing Manager

To ensure a company is as successful as possible, it must advertise and market products both locally and globally. Global marketing managers ensure they do this while staying within the company’s marketing budget. They oversee the entire budget, present their findings to the company and execute marketing plans for development. Global marketing managers work closely with other departments to coordinate development efforts and determine the best ways to expand the company’s business. Global marketing managers are generally skillful in project management, strategic marketing, product marketing, marketing communication, and marketing management. PayScale reports that global marketing managers earned an average wage of $100,641 as of July 2018.

Marketing is a field that offers so many different positions, and many of the top positions can be obtained in only a couple of years. One example of many is a marketing manager, which is one the top-paying jobs in marketing and one that has an expected job growth of 10 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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